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Find the latest news, specials, workshops and other events offered by the Life Wellness Centre here. Look for great yoga workshops, health seminars and special deals that will support your ongoing journey to optimal health. Email us with any questions. 

Yoga Therapy - One on One therapeutic yoga to support your healing and optimal health.  Whether you are actively healing from an injury, seeking support for your Yoga Journey, or looking to deepen your personal yoga practice, yoga therapy can be an effective tool for your Wellness.  

Chiropractic Treatment - Helps to restore optimal alignment to the spine and function to all systems of the body.  Spinal hygiene and skeletal alignment is a vital part of a healthy life! 

Massage Therapy - Supports the immune system, aids the body in releasing held tension and imbalance, and restores vitality and wholeness.  

Group Meditation - meditation has been proven to help lower stress levels and balance the nervous system.  It supports the immune system and aids the whole Self in optimizing health.  

Qigong - often considered moving meditation, the practice offers relaxation, release of stress and a sense of clarity and well-being.  

** Advanced reservation is required for all classes.   To reserve a space, please contact our office at 571-643-0255.  Thank you.