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    Strongly recommend Michelle Esposito and the the Life Wellness Centre for methods to combat/reverse osteoporosis. She is nothing short of brilliant in the way she tailors a yoga practice to meet an individual's specific needs. Michelle has been a life-saver for me. In addition to her therapeutic yoga, she has given me hope! Thank you, Michelle, for all you have given me and for the powerful work you do!

    Debra B.

    Dr. Joe and Michelle Esposito are the best. Their combined approach of chiropractic care and yoga - yoga therapy are the essential tools to wellness. Many places offer "treatments", Dr. Joe and Michelle provide Wellness for the whole person and not an isolated procedure for a problem area. They take the time to understand you, your challenges, and their expertise is unmatched.
    For decades I had back pain (herniated and bulging discs), spinal injections, and "physical therapy". I had treatments with other chiropractors, internists, and surgeons. After a year with Dr. Joe and Michelle I am totally pain free, off pain medications, and have a brand new perspective on Wellness. Thank you Dr. Joe and Michelle for providing excellent and on-going care for my wife and both of our children as well.

    Pat M.

    This centre embodies what one's physical & mental state should encompass; happiness, health, and compassion are shown here. The instructors/chiropractors here are wonderful, the most wholesome people that I have ever met. Instead of aiming to part you from your money, they express compassion, and a genuine care for your wellbeing. When I was in grade school, i suffered severe asthma. The chiropractor (Dr. Esposito) constructed a plan to come and get adjusted every week, in order to combat this. I am preparing to go to college soon, with my asthma virtually gone. This place is a godsend and I recommend it to all that are facing ailments, or are aiming to better themselves.

    Maurice G.

    Dr. Esposito and Michelle are godsend in our lives. I have been going to the centre for the past 6 years. They dont just treat an ailment, but come up with a holistic treatment plan which changes one's life completely. I used to have back pain and sciatic pain. With Michelle's yoga therapy and Dr Esposito's adjustments I dont have any pain now. They have changed my life. My daughter suffered with asthma since birth. No doctor could really give her a good management plan. Dr Esposito came up with weekly adjustment plan which changed to monthly adjustments. Her asthma is almost gone. If anyone ever says pain or ailment I immediately recommend Michelle and Dr. Esposito! They are amazing!!

    Anuradha J.

    I've been seeing Dr. Esposito for the past 23 years and I won't ever go anywhere else.

    Matt C.

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